Our Commitment

At Elite Source Solutions we treat every person as the individual they are. Every person is unique and has more to offer than just a resume. Our difference is the consistent quality of our people. We build long-lasting relationships based on trust and competency. Our process begins with YOU. We work to ensure an understanding of you that allows us to find the right matching opportunity. We are proud to be able to serve you through the progression of your career.

Career Fields we serve...

Join Elite Source Solutions

Elite Source Solutions is built on quality from the inside out. With high caliber individuals as the backbone of our success we are able to provide superior quality to our clients as well as unsurpassed opportunity for growth and success from within. We believe in opportunity and empowerment. In our fast paced environment we also believe that ingenuity, collaboration and old fashion hard-work is the key to being on top and staying on top. We are looking for individuals that can focus on long-term success and long-term relationships. If you are a high-character, team player, with a strong drive for success and a passion for people, join Elite Source Solutions for the opportunity that you've been looking for.

Internal Positions Available:


Are you a good judge of character? You may have what it takes to be a recruiter. Our Recruiters help staff companies by seeking out potential employees, screening them, putting them through the interview process, and creating long-term relationships.

Customer Service/Sourcing

Our Customer Service Representatives help us maintain the Elite level of satisfaction our customers demand. In this role, you'll help assist Recruiters, Account Managers and Customers to ensure that our level of Service is as high as it can possibly be.

Account Manager/Sales

If you've mastered Recruiting, consider the opportunity to become an Account Manager. As an Account Manager, you are the face of Elite Source Solutions. You'll create and maintain relationships with clients and partner with them to help them achieve success.